Core Values

  1. Transparency:

Transparency fosters trust and open communication.  It strengthens relationships and helps nurture an environment of collaboration


Having integrity as a core value means that we never stop learning. It's not a matter of striving for perfection but being true to our company's brand and beliefs


Our company puts quality first as a core value which allows us to attract like minded clients. Our clients gain great value from working with a market leading company.


Accountability as a core value provides our company a distinctive advantage. Individuals and teams are contributors to success, not people to blame when mistakes happen.

Meet your Energy Advisor

Jeffrey Robinson

Principal/Founder, Licensed Energy Consultant

Jeffrey is a registered and program qualified energy advisor. He is the CEO of EnerTech Solutions Ltd. which was incorporated in 2015.

He serves as the Service Organization Manager and Quality Assurance Specialist for EnerTech Solutions Ltd.

Having an extensive construction background which began in 2000.  led to his Red Seal Journey Man Carpentry Certification.

Since becoming a registered energy advisor, Jeffrey is also certified in:
-Residential Ventilation using Section 9.32
-Residential Ventilation using CSA F326
-Residential Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculations
-Residential Air System Design
-Residential Commissioning
-Forced air guidelines
-Heat recovery ventilator design and installation

This has earned him the covenant Residential Air systems design Technician certification.

Jeffrey enjoys working with builders to achieve EnerGuide ratings, Step Code levels and Built Green Certifications.  He also enjoys working with home owners, providing consulting services for energy consumption reduction.

When not in the office, Jeffrey enjoys outdoor fun  with his family at the beach. He’s also on the board of directors at the CACEA, Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors.

Regan - Enertech Technician

Meet our Office Administrator


Service Organization Manager

Regan works as the office manager with EnerTech Solutions and handles most client relations and bookings.  You can also find Regan on site assisting with air tightness testing and air leakage identification

Regan has completed Building Science for new homes recently and is becoming familiar with plan reading and energy modelling.

Regan finds it very rewarding assisting clients reduce their energy consumption while also reducing the GHG emissions at the same time.

When not in the office, Regan enjoys hanging out with her family in the great outdoors

Our Team Members



I started building custom homes with a local high performance construction company over three and a half years ago.  As codes changed we learned to incorporate energy efficiency improvements into the builds, and I took a keen interest in how it all worked.  I then decided to take that interest to the next level by applying to it and joining the team @ Enertech Solutions Ltd.

My favourite part of this career pathway is helping builders build high performance homes, providing advice on comfortable living for the occupants, all while doing my part for climate change.



Anna is working on the last stage of registration as an Energy Advisor.  As part of the EnerTech team, she loves the mix of work that comes with being an EA.  Some days it’s crunching data in the office, with a focus on building science and accuracy, while other days are devoted to site visits that provide support and advice for contractors and homeowners working to make their houses more energy-efficient. 

She has extensive experience in construction, communications, science and research, from previous work for the environmental and research sectors, and has a professional and personal focus on increasing energy-efficiency and lowering emissions across the building industry.  She is looking forward to an exciting career as an Energy Advisor and playing a part in taking the industry forward to a sustainable future.
In her spare time, Anna enjoys hiking, running, bouldering, and volunteering at her local community garden.


I am currently a modeller for EnerTech. I started a year ago, encouraged by my friend and coworker Jesse.  I spend most of my time in the office, using computer software to model the energy efficiency of both existing homes as well as new builds. It is incredibly rewarding knowing that I am helping to build better quality, more comfortable homes.

My job is very inspirational:  I get to start a project and see it through to the final product. It’s taught me a lot about why energy efficiency is such an integral aspect of the construction industry.  In my spare time I like to be active, running and hiking. I am also a full time university student in the Statistics program. 



Hi my name’s Kai, I went to UVic for Computer Science and Philosophy and I’ve been working for EnerTech Solutions since the summer of ‘22. I have a keen interest in technology, engineering, and architecture and am incredibly fortunate to spend most of my days considering the design processes involved in energy-efficient construction. 

At EnerTech I get to interact with the entire stack of that design process. From the dissecting of plans to mid-construction inspection and final pressure testing, I get to see a bird’s-eye view of some fascinating challenges as well as their solutions. I enjoy interacting with the builders as well as playing a small part in making Canada’s houses more energy-efficient. 


Outside of work, I spend most of my time playing piano and guitar if I’m not already listening to music!