What We Do

Building Code Compliance reporting

If you are a Part 9 building builder or developer, we can assist with all your code compliance needs.

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing essentially helped identify any air leakage in your home.  By measuring the air flow of a blower / fan that depressurizes your home to a standard pressure difference, our energy advisor can tell just how much air leakage your home has.

How It Works

We place our blower door fan in your main entry so it can suck all your inside air out. This will cause outside air to be sucks in more aggressively through any crack and gap it finds.

Our energy advisor will identify and diagnose any air leakage from each room in your home. With 20 years of experience, we WILL find and seal all those nasty air leaks!   We will compile an air leakage inventory using a combination of smoke detection and thermal imaging

Many older homes lose as much as HALF of their heating due to air leaks. Just think… with a blower door test, you can brag to prospective homebuyers or drinking buddies how tight your home is.

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