HOT2000 Energy Modelling

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Jeffrey Robinson

Licensed Energy Advisor, EA

Program Qualified Energy Advisor, PQEA

What We Do

Building Code Compliance reporting

If you are a Part 9 building builder or developer, we can assist with all your code compliance needs.

HOT2000 Energy Modelling

Whether you’re a homeowner or a builder working on a new construction, utilize our energy modelers and their advanced HOT2000 energy modeling software. Trust in the experience and skills of Enertech Solutions.

Energy Mapping

with HOT2000

HOT2000 is an energy simulation and design tool used by architects, builders and yes, energy advisors.


Using the HOT2000 Energy Modelling software, we will create a virtual model of your new or existing home.  With this we can model how much energy can be saved in your home by implementing our recommendations.  For new builds & homes, it can determine the EnerGuide rating for your new project.

In addition to advising homeowners, we advise home builders who want to build an energy-efficient home so they can achieve any of the Part 9 steps. After construction, we visit the home for a site verification visit, which includes a blower door test to measure the building’s air-tightness.

It’s developed by NRCan (Natural Resources Canada).

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